♂ Rubbin' (Thru Tha Nite) ☂

by Black Flak & The Nightmare Fighters

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Rubbin, rubbin, through the night
Dancin' to the rhythm with no one in sight
Feel like I'm doin' alright
(til I'm) Bustin' on the floor with nowhere to hide

Burnin', turnin', animal fright
Trying hard to keep my thing outta sight
Can't stop when its so hard to fight
The feelin' that's revealin' my primitive side

Rubbin', rubbin', reaching the top
Once I get started I can never stop
I feel like I'm ready to pop
Whip it out, let it fly, get me a mop

Well you can dance with me
We'll move in ecstasy
I just can't guarantee
that it won't get messy

And if you dance with me
Don't let no other see
I'm pulling to the beat
and spilling at your feet


released November 13, 2012
Joshua S Lundquist & Chris Nelson




Black Flak & The Nightmare Fighters 東京都, Japan

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